Pico-satellite platform

Pico-satellite’s weight is about 10kg, which has the capabilities of attitude control, orbit control, tracking, telemetry, control(TT&C), data transmission, inter-satellite ranging and communication.It uses software radio technology to achieve a variety of TT&C mode and data transmission rate. The on-board computer system has the feature of excellent compatibility, which can fully meet the future demand for a variety of tasks. It uses a tri-axial momentum wheel control system, which has the excellent control accuracy and dynamic performance. The cool air propulsion system realizes the orbit adjustment and formation control. The payload of platform can be 5 kg, providing long-term average power of 5 W and short-term pwoer of 100 W. Pico-satellite can be used for photographic reconnaissance, narrow-band communication, radar calibration, storage and forwarding by configuring different satellite payloads. It can also perform more complicated tasks by formation flying. The service life is 5 years. ProductDetils…

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